Our on-site doctors and nurses monitor your health and well-being.


What makes the VNA stand apart from other assisted living facilities? Our healthcare professionals and emphasis on wellness!

At both properties, you’ll find the presence of our own Visiting Nurse team comprised of nurses, home care aides, physical therapists, occupational and speech therapists as well as Home Visiting Physicians, pharmacists, and even podiatrists who will oversee your medical needs as they arise. All medical care is conducted under your doctor’s orders. Of course, you’re always welcome to keep your own physician and providers if you so desire.

We have several Home Visiting Physicians and Nurse Practitioners from the Cambridge Health Alliance House Calls Program and Elder Service Plan on site every day to help with your individual wellness needs. In addition you’ll find Dr. Camilla Potter, our onsite physician from Mt. Auburn Hospital.

Once you’ve decided to live at the VNA, our Wellness Nurse will create a Service Plan based on your unique needs. Whether you need help with dressing, bathing or grooming, our highly trained resident care assistants are here to assist you. Each time a service is performed, they’ll note it on your Service Plan, along with any assistance with medications that have been prepackaged by the pharmacist. Our Wellness Team reviews and revises Services Plans every six months or as needed.

By living at the VNA assisted living communities, you’re free to live your independent life – with the helping hand that you need.

If you have questions about our application process or would like to schedule a tour of our assisted living facilities, please give us a call at 617-776-9800 or email us at AssistedLiving@vnaem.org.


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